The Association is called as Sustainable Business Network Association Malaysia (SustNET) primarily drive the integration of Sustainable Development Goals into business practices. This will consist of a long-term, integrated approach to developing and achieving a healthy community by jointly addressing economic, environmental and social issues and by providing a holistic support platform for the sustainable agenda of the business community.


  • Raise public awareness in the community through evidence-based advocacy and familiarisation with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

  • Promote adoption of UN SDGs, with associated principle and practices, at all levels of the business community.

  • Assists business competitiveness by developing a customised method for the member, including training, assessment, coaching and learning support.

  • Share relevant expertise and information relating to productivity enhancement and sustainability practices through workshops and seminars.

  • Promote ethical behaviour in the spirit of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the sustainable growth and prosperity of small-medium industries (SMIs) and small-medium enterprise (SMEs).

  • Provide advice and information on international and national policy and regulations including participatory policy and law making, impacting the sustainability of the business community.

  • Create and maintain a databank of information on service, support and initiative (including financial assistance) provided by governmental and non-governmental agencies (national and international) in promoting and implementing sustainable goals and practices in the business community.

  • Participate in national and global forums and exhibitions on sustainability and innovations.

  • Affiliate and collaborate with national and international organisations involved in sustainable development programmes and initiatives.

  • Purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire built property and/or land for constructing building/s on such land which land and buildings, and the process or income thereon, shall be used solely for furthering, developing and carrying out the objective of the Associations.