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HISPLUS Systems Limited, having its head office in Lagos, Nigeria, is an Information Technology and Business Development Company, specializing in computer application programming, business technology, training, enterprise applications, ecommerce, e-business, e-portal, biometrics management, allied products and services. 


We also engage in web and mobile applications development where we work together as a team to deliver the ultimate in customer satisfaction while also helping each business or company achieve their unique needs.


Hisplus has gained exceptional experience in application development, software integration, technical support and maintenance, web application development, biometrics and other programming services for big and small companies in Nigeria, Malaysia, UAE and UK. 


Tunde Omitogun – Chairman and Managing Director

Tunde is the founder of HISPLUS Systems Limited, best known for ERP Nigeria, Ecommerce portal and school management system. Expert in ERP, e-business, BI, B2B, B2G, UC, VC, POLMOT, EMGET, Wireless Tech, e-learning, e-library. 


With over 20 years’ experience in the IT Industry; Expertise in System Design, Development and Implementation, Business Development Process and Training.


He is an exceptional System auditor and Trainer, with the mission of changing the face of Nigeria’s Business Sector with state of the art business tool; he has also dedicated himself to inventing and developing Enterprise Product and Services that ensures sustainable Business growth.


Mr. Omitogun’s previous jobs have given him enormous experience and strong technical knowledge to support a wide range of Network architectures, Technologies, Application and Operating System Software. He has also worked as a Technical and Support Manager for Multimedia Research Laboratory, Kuala- Lumpur, Malaysia.


Over the decades, he has been involved in development and deployment of systems whose performance had been of startling brilliance.


He has attended various courses and conferences, including, but not limited to the following; Network Security, London; Multimedia Communication, Singapore; Information and Communication Video Conferencing, Malaysia; International Telecommunication Conference; MCS Implementation, Cyberjaya,  MDC, Malaysia, UAE and of course in Nigeria. He is a member of IEEE Computer Society.


Hisplus Systems Limited is the African consulting representatives of SUSTNET, Malaysia.

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